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Updated 02/26/17

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 I first got my Amateur Radio license in 1994 as a Technician class amateur radio operator.  I quickly felt the need to talk  all over the world and upgraded immediately to the Advanced class license - having passed the 20 WPM  Morse code requirement right away.  Shortly thereafter, I upgraded to Extra class and that's still as high as one can go in the current U.S.A. license structure.  I am currently active in all major contests and my web cam is operational when doing so (and other times).  Contests I operate are CQWW, ARRL, CQ WPX, etc., CW and SSB.

Current Station Information is located here:

- As of 02/2017                                                        - Learn More about Amateur Radio Here or Here

-  Shack Web Cam                                                                 Panadapter scheme for the Tentec Orion II                                                                                                                    Updated 5/3/09

Remote controlling a Ten-Tec Orion II                 

Here are some photos of past projects & current projects:

-  Past Projects                                                                   New Projects -    As of 02/26/17    

Contest logs have recently been added here:

Contest Logs

Work still in progress to add as many contest files as I can....more to follow!

Here are a few sound clips:

Sound Clips

Here is a neat website for collectors:

Insulator Store - Great place for buting telephone pole insulators and collecting them.


More to follow soon....



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